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The Money Bowl

The real competition in big-time college sports is over who can spend the most.

Joseph McCafferty, CFO Magazine
August 1, 2006

Winning at athletics boosts acacemic perception

Okay – no relationship between increased spending on athletics and increased winning percentages (or incoming SAT scores – DUH!). However, what I have always maintained (and which this article tacitly admits) is that there is a direct relationship between increased winning percentages and increased alumni giving. In addition (and more insidious) is the direct relationship between increased winning percentages and higher academic rankings by college professors (the very people decrying the amount of money spent on athletics). In other words, if your alma mater is ranked near the bottom of its conference standings, it is most likely also ranked near the bottom in academic prowess – and that relates directly to how much that “sheepskin” of yours is worth. The “bottom line” is that everyone loves a winner and hates a loser.

Posted by Gordon Combs | August 07, 2006 07:07 pm

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