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Coming Distractions

If these eight risks are not on your radar screen, they will be soon.

John Goff, CFO Magazine
April 1, 2006

Some additional items to consider adding

Great article. Here are some additional risk considerations: 1)Finding Qualified People - A shortage of skilled and knowledgeable people. The education system is not producing enough well-trained people. What will happen to a company's greatest asset and its IP. How will your organization attract and keep the right talent? 2)Trust in the Workplace - A foundation element for any society, or workplace. Hard to achieve when compensation and performance are not always linked at the top, or when you live in fear of litigation. Trust and integrity go to together. Always at risk. Do your employees trust you? How about customers? 3)Business Continuity and Pandemics - So, what are you going to do if employees and customers won't or can't show up for work. How do you keep the business viable?

Posted by Charley Best | June 05, 2006 05:30 pm

good job

Good article - well supported, informative. thanks.

Posted by Norman Nader | April 03, 2006 12:41 pm

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