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Finance Is from Mars, HR Is from Venus

Can finance and human resources ever see eye to eye? They'd better.

Alix Stuart, CFO Magazine
November 18, 2005


I am so happy to hear that you believe HR professionals are getting on board with CFOs to control costs. My company has a proven health care plan management model that has reduced our clients health care costs by as much as 33% without changing benefits or increasing anybody's contribution. Our clients decisions to adopt our model came from the CFO in all cases. Getting to talk to the CFO about the cost of health care has been the challenge. More often than not we are immediately passed to HR. Our experience has been that HR is resistent to changing the current provider network because it may upset an employee even if it means millions to the company's bottom line. Thanks for giving me hope! Mary Orms, Sr. V.P., GM&A

Posted by Mary Orms | November 30, 2005 05:58 pm

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