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How Following Orders Can Harm Your Career

Asked by her bosses to make false accounting entries, a midlevel accountant balked, then caved. Her solid career took a sudden turn in a very sorry direction.

Susan Pulliam, CareerJournal
October 3, 2003

Fraudulent Entries or My side

First of all, most of my story is published in several articles I wrote for the IMOA's General Ledger while using Activity Based Cost implementation systems to find fraudulent transactions. I have been in positions like Ms Vision was in, but I refused to take the do the transaction (unless the controller or CFO would sign and notorized a statement stating that they ordered me to put the transaction into the books). I also have seen it done and confronted those who did it, approved it and accepted it. In fact I saw it happen within the transactions of the FAA, where as they hid 15,551 pages of travel expenses (less than $500) in their fixed assets accounts, and depreciated those items within a month (the threshold limits where over $25,000 and the item must have a life of over 2 years)which I reported to the GAO. The results are my not being hireable. Which employer would want to hire an individual that finds the errors, reports them to the approving authorities (with GAAP Solutions) and if nothing is done, reports the findings to higher individuals and agencies? I have received such mark on my name for being such an individual. What is funny is I spent twenty years protecting the US way of life, lost the function of several items of my being, only to be told I am not employable for telling the truth. What has happen to the country I loved so much to serve it in the US Army for twenty plus years?

Posted by Bob Kinsler | November 11, 2008 10:55 am

My Opinion

After reading this article I would just like to say that I personal feel that all parties involved had a choice to do what was right. But they let greed cloud their decisions. They should have done the right thing from the beginning and just looked for another job rather than defraud the economy, consumers and their fellow co-workers.

Posted by Renee Cobb | November 08, 2008 08:00 pm

They should of known better

I feel that these people were not doing what the were told, they tried to cover up the crime the whole time.Maybe if they would of dealt with the money issues the first time, they would of been better off instead of adding fuel to the fire.

Posted by Treva Clarke | November 02, 2008 08:47 pm

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