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Favorite Questions of Executive Recruiters

Helpful hints for hitting a curveball out of the park.

Perri Capell, CareerJournal
September 26, 2003


Searching for a right candidate is a very challenging job and it should be done effectively.The newcomers should be such that they could easily fit into the bills of the company,understand it and like the workculture.The interviewer should forsee the foresight of the candidate and his opinion of the prevailing environment of the compnay. It happens most of the times that the newcomers complain about the company policies and the way it is running.These type of candidates are also good as far as the critics are welcomed both for a change and a way towards improvement, but is the candidate being recruited for such works? And finally what happens is hopping. So,the key question is why to give them the chance of hopping?Why not recruit the persons who can be well adjusted or like minded people or to take along such candidates who want to make changes and give them suitable positions or responsibilities.

Posted by Satya Prakash | August 27, 2007 05:34 am

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