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Keys to Successful BPO Relationships

Outsourcing business processes hits much closer to home than simply outsourcing IT. Here's how some executives balance the risks and rewards.

Russ Banham, | US
September 3, 2003


Hey, nice article dude!!

Posted by Priyanka Chetiwal | December 28, 2007 01:49 am

BPO and Enron

I read the article and found it generally useful. However I was surprised to note that in using the Enron in India example you failed to note that Enron paid massive bribes and sold a project that was based on very questionable ethics and value. This was blatant enough that the opposition party was able to use their ouster as a campaign platform item. As a recent Economist survey confirmed the US is very popular in India - it is appreciated more there than in any other country other than the US itself. India values its relationship with the US very much. In this case they reacted adversely to a corrupt US company (and yes - politics in India can be very corrupt and if we play into that in an indiscriminate manner there can always be consequences - and also by US law bribery is illegal - remember the Lockheed scandal of the 70s). Calling Indians xenophobic for this reason is irresponsible and unfair - frankly your magazine seems to be the xenophobic party in this instance. I am disappointed that a highly credible publication like yours would be so hyperbolic and demonstrate very poor judgement for the sake of a soundbite.

Posted by Thuky Thukral | July 13, 2006 01:16 pm

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