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Attempts to gauge the ROI of advertising hinge on determining a brand's overall value.

Kris Frieswick, | US
November 1, 2001

ultimate business solution

The Holy Grail to Investing. The utlimate business solution. The ability to cut the cost of any business expense, or just plain invest. Developed multiple arbitrages for the financial markets. Arbitrages that produce just a few percent a year, to arbitrages that produce over 30 percent a year. In 2001 i started developing, as of now, a dozen arbitrages. I lock in an X percentage, and Y time later, i close out the arbitrage. Over 30%/yr. Risk-Free Investing is not only possible, but in abundance. Just that people are told and taught that it is impossible. No risk has been in front of all, but not seen. The market is unlimited. I'm interested in selling, or partnering to sell, or partner in a business that uses my arbitrage. Thomas 352-283-3326

Posted by Thomas Adair | September 17, 2009 02:13 pm

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