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Farewell to Brand-Name Drugs

More over-the-counter substitutes for common drugs are becoming available, promising to take a chunk out of spiraling heath-care costs.

David McCann, | US
July 28, 2011

Brand name medications to get cheaper as patents expire

Brand-name drugs are usually more effective than generics that's why more individuals still prefer using them despite it's higher cost over generic drugs and more will definitely prefer brand-name drugs over generics now since a growing number of brand-name prescription drugs will lose patent protection this year, with several more to follow. Some medicines are about to become a lot less expensive. A number of people stand to gain from Big Pharma's damage, as some of the best-selling medicines on the planet will soon have generic equivalents. The proof is here: Brand name medications to get cheaper as patents expire.

Posted by Nathan Zion | July 30, 2011 06:04 am

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