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Spreadsheets: Filtering a Pivot Table with a Formula

There is really no "good" way to change the filter with a formula. However, there is a quick fix to remedy the situation.

Bill Jelen, | US
July 20, 2011

Minor Improvement required

The method above is the simplest way to achieve the goal avoiding usage of macro language. It helped me in my situation. However, in order to make it failure free, the empty line with the 'True' value should be added to a Pivot table data source (at least one 'true' should be in the dataset). Otherwise, when you have only 'False' values, your filter will switch to 'False' from 'True' itself and you need not to forget to change it back manually.

Posted by Dmitriy Bykov | February 26, 2013 08:07 pm

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