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Spreadsheets: Forecasting Seasonal Data with Excel

Production forecasting with Excel usually entails using straight-line regression. But you'll need to tweak your formulas if you want to incorporate seasonal sales data into the mix. Here's an easy way to run the numbers.

Bill Jelen, | US
June 29, 2011

Revenue Forecasting

This was a really informative post. Revenue forecasting is really tricky. Really good insight on how to forecast with seasonal data. Another method of revenue forecasting, when data is not seasonal, is using the exponential growth model

Posted by Awais Arshad | July 13, 2013 01:04 pm

Different seasons

Hello Bill, I have found your article very informative and it really helped me in forecasting sales of retail products for a retail store, where i am currently serving. There's a little problem with my data, actually the seasons are changing every year like the seasonal effect of last year August should be effective in the month of July this year. but the model is not reading this thing from data. However, my non-seasonal forecasts are far better than any previous models i had applied but my priority is to forecast the seasons. Can you help me in this regard? Thanks again. Maaz

Posted by Maaz Akhtar | May 19, 2012 05:03 am

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