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A Talent for Talent

The newest talent-management software can help companies conquer some long-standing workforce-management challenges.

Kim Girard, CFO Magazine
May 1, 2011


So often I've seen more work being created, but not more productivity as a result. This is so apparent in the recruiting and talent management industry. There needs to be a direct correlation between the two. Productivity leads to an end result. Work leads to a paycheck which will be jeopardized if there's no productivity.

Posted by Helen Rosen | May 19, 2011 04:38 pm


Great article - most companies agree with the old saying " People are our most valuable assets". Yet most companies lack the follow through ( culture) to attract, develop and retain top performers. The best talent management software in the world will not work unless senior management drives the mind set of attracting, developing and retaining their top people. People leaders that have an interest in them and goal setting, timely clear feedback and rewards is a good starting point. However, the key is the leader knows their people and cares about them. People leave people not companies or organizations.

Posted by Jim Wong | May 09, 2011 11:56 am

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