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NetSuite's Vertical Leap

The software company reorganizes around industry verticals, giving its CFO an unexpected benefit.

Kate O'Sullivan, | US
December 8, 2010

Centralized FP&A and 6X People Wanting Data

"There are six times as many people looking for data, which means the finance department has a lot more customers." A common challenge faced after a reorganization or in matrix reporting. Successful companies have met that challenge with a strong centralized capability where it adds the best value (information architecture, specialized skills and modeling, compliance and control, etc.) and have also provided support close to business decision makers for flexibility and responsiveness. As Ron Gill mentions, he and his team can team can apply resources effectively by vertical. The trick will be managing an efficient and well controlled balance in the service delivery model. There are some well executed models already established by other companies which can be used as a quick reference to realign FP&A. SaaS and the fast growing opportunities in interactive data, open standards and greater insight and productivity from use of newer web developments are exciting, so is seeing finance and FP&A keep up with those changes. Thanks for the story.

Posted by Patrick Slattery | December 09, 2010 06:30 am

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