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Cold, Cruel World

Suddenly, CFOs who are pounding the pavement find that fewer doors are opening. Here's how to get that foot back in.

Alix Stuart, CFO Magazine
November 1, 2010

Job hunting and interview

Job hunting is really challenging.But with the technology, online application is possible. That is a good thing in job hunting! An interesting applicant is the best one with a good curriculum vitae. Its how an applicant present himself or herself if he would be qualify for an interview and be the best among the job-seekers. Preparing for a job interview is easy just by being true to yourself and be confident in answering related questions. The total personality is a good impression in seeing an applicant so that a good preparation is needed for a good result.

Posted by Huyecelle Tuma | February 23, 2012 01:10 am

Getting Interviews

The #1 problem in c-level job hunting is how to get interviews with the hiring authority. The most effective solution is to differentiate your candidacy by making an offer to be of service based on what you can do for him/her. Everyone has experience, and that is what your competitors will all be trying to sell, but YOU should be marketing the benefits and advantages you can bring to the table as the RESULT of your experience. The most effective tool to use for doing this is a letter that you should send directly to the hiring authority. You will be far more likely to get invited to interview if you let him/her know what you can do to help him and his company reach its financial goals faster. Include a simple resume, because you want the decision to invite you to interview to be based mainly on the contents of your letter, rather than on your present circumstances (industry, title, age etc.) For more free job hunting tips, sen an email to Tom Kellum Job Hunter's Consultant & Strategist "Quietly Making Career Dreams Come True Since 1987"

Posted by Tom Kellum | November 28, 2010 11:06 am

Networking is key nowadays

As an entrepreneur, writer and self employed consultant on business improvement and integrated credit management I cannot agree more with your statement that networking on websites like LinkedIn is absolutely very useful. Next to that I can recommend to join relevant groups (in my case: I use LinkedIn only). You can easily identify which groups or subgroups are most relevant to you. a) Search on specific keywords related to your field of interest, b) Look at the number of members in the groups you have found (the one with the most members is usually on top of the list), c) Examine the kind of activity in those groups (are there lively discussions or mostly commercial announcements). Then join discussions or start one yourself to get responses from peers. Obviously, when you are looking for a job you can mention this either in your profile or as a small line at the end of your comment on a specific topic (not in the subject). When you start a discussion, think about what the potential readers might find an interesting topic to talk about. Choose a subject which you are familiar with and ask a challenging question or pose an interesting opinion, which relates to your work experience. You do not necessarily have to write a long explanation to the subject line, unless you think it is relevant to the question or opinion. Sometimes, the shorter the better. When people respond, actively participate by thanking them and reply to their response to keep the discussion going. You may easily detect, which people from which professional background might be interesting for you and vice versa. Personally, I made many global contacts through LinkedIn. Though discussions may cost you time, it is an excellent way to express your knowledge and vision, so other readers can place you and your experience in a more precise context. And by doing so, you can market yourself very effectively. A blog is certainly interesting as well, but obviously it takes time to maintain a blog in terms of attractive and properly written content. Last but not least I would recommend writing articles. Again, writing a good article takes a lot of time and some writing skills, but it can be used as a additional marketing tool to present yourself, your vision and your knowledge to the outside world. In the end networking is all about: 1) non-agressively selling yourself, 2) getting and building new professional relationships, 3) broadening your view and 4) - when focused - networking brings you in contact with people you might be interested in and vice versa. Best of luck! Marcel Wiedenbrugge

Posted by Marcel Wiedenbrugge | November 05, 2010 11:44 am

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