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Spies Like...Us?

An alleged Russian spy, arrested last week by the FBI, attended the CFO Rising Conference in March, where he networked aggressively and focused on sessions about risk management.

Tim Reason, | US
July 7, 2010

His Business Card Said, "I am a Spy."

Of course he was a spy. It was plain as daylight on his business card - Future Map. To jog your memory, in 2003 a story broke about a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) program designed to elicit predictions about geopolitical events through decision market technology. The program was called Markets Applied to Prediction (MAP), or FutureMAP. The program was headed by ADM John Poindexter, formerly of the US National Security Council and better known outside DOD circles for a swap market involving weapons, Iran, the Contras, and Ollie North. One last point. Prediction markets work. We use the Markets Applied to Predictions approach at Steel City Re to model reputation risk. Cheers. Nir

Posted by Nir Kossovsky | July 08, 2010 10:37 am

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