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Brazil Is Booming (and Maddening)

U.S. companies are keen to expand into Latin America's biggest market, but CFOs report that Brazil poses unique challenges.

Kate O'Sullivan, CFO Magazine
July 15, 2010

Nice article.. just a bit outdated

How accurate is this data? Last check Brazil was the world's 9th largest economy. However, recently after China reached the number 2 spot, Brazil was poised to reach the number 5 spot, thanks in part for the huge reservers of "pre-salt" oil reserves discovered, and the amazing economic growth the country is undergoing. In fact, Foreigners are pouring tons of money into the country. So much so that the Brazilian government decided to tax it to prevent speculators from negatively impacting it's economy. Also, Brazil was recently ranked the place to invest by most foreigners on the next 10-20 years. Source: Cesar Vasconcelos i18n QA Localization

Posted by Cesar Vasconceles | September 03, 2010 06:21 pm

International Convergence Process

Very good article. The most important is to observe that Brazil is more atractive to the others BRIC Countries, since that the business transations are more solid then others. We focus in consume and inflation control. the Brazilian central Bank is more conservant the most others central banks in the world. unfortunally, the tax system is more complex and we have a massive tax burden, but if you try to understand how to use certains tools, you will increase your profits, plus your management performace and better your internal rate of return of your investment. Thiago Passos, Rio de Janeiro

Posted by Thiago Passos | August 03, 2010 01:05 pm

Labor force

Great article, being a Brazilian and lived in US for several years I would add that there's is a growing number of finance professionals in the country able to cope with this complex environment, as well as the requirements to be part of a global business. Several professionals have international experience, MBA's, and more. The major challenge is to retain this talent pool, since there are so many new business and new ventures starting every day.

Posted by Mauricio Montilha | July 23, 2010 08:35 am

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