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The Cost of Social Media Phobia

Far from being a distraction, social networking can drive productivity, customer service, and profits, users say.

David McCann, | US
July 2, 2010

Democratization of Collaboration

Over the last 15 years, the introduction of 'collaborative' tools that in enterprise systems supporting shared/exchanged data among multiple parties dramatically boosted efficiencies in complex business processes, e.g. supply chain operations. So-called "social media" work in much the same way--but in context of flexible networks (relationship nodes) rather than fixed processes. And the value of social technology goes way beyond the soft arts of marketing or internal communications. Perhaps if the category were dubbed "dynamic operating platform" there would be less resistance. But then, again, in the short history of computers, few people imagined the potential beyond silly games for geeks.

Posted by Katherine Canipelli | July 14, 2010 02:00 pm

productivity vs. distraction

This is a great post because social media is taking over. Many companies focus a large amount of their marketing efforts around social media, so it would be hard to say it isnt productive. Those who believe utilizing social media in the workplace is of no value are missing out on all it has to offer. However, it is clear social media can be a major distraction.

Posted by Marcelle Green | July 08, 2010 12:20 pm

Social Media and Productivity

Productivity in the workplace can be hindered but also heightened depending on the usage of a social media application. Companies choose to block or not block social media apps. Unfortunately they are missing out on that grey area where social media apps can be utilized to further innovation and productivity. Palo Alto Networks came out with this whitepaper talking about how to block social media apps and when it is appropriate to let employees utilize these apps productively. To block or not? Check it out.

Posted by Kelly Monroe | July 06, 2010 04:33 pm

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