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Have No Fear, the Consultants Are Here

Hiring outside expertise has long been a perilous exercise, but clients are gaining the upper hand.

Russ Banham, CFO Magazine
June 1, 2010

Also look at antiquated systems processes

There are many quality consulting organizations out there, unfortunately the all too common approach that we see in our Enterprise customer base is an over abundance of custom code with multiple tools to interconnect various finance applications. This drives up the not only the initial cost and complexity of implementations, but causes an ongoing cost and headache to manage and maintain the applications. At Star Analytics we have seen innovative finance organizations start to adopt over the past year finance application automation software that greatly reduces complex code(and manual processes as well), thereby, reducing costs and complexity while improving financial reporting, planning, and close processes. At first, many consulting partners were luke-warm to the idea of losing some consulting dollars to software, but we have also seen recently some of the more forward looking consulting groups embrace the idea that they don't have to bill for the dirty work of writing complex code and can help "leave the keys" to applications that the customer can much more easily manage on their own.

Posted by Tom Tortolani | June 09, 2010 08:03 pm

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