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Putting the "New" in Revenue

Why chief revenue officers are now in demand.

Alix Stuart, CFO Magazine
April 1, 2010

Hidden Potential

The article regarding the role of a Chief Revenue Officer presents valid points on both sides of the top-line growth objective, however, there is a third point missing from the equation. Should not top-line, profitable growth be the concern for the entire C-Suite AND the companyıs entire workforce? Do not most employees (people) want to see their companyıs win big for their customers, community and yes, for their families too? Might organizations be limiting revenue potential by focusing on one point person? Are the employees that make an organizationıs People Portfolio (Talent) not already consumers of your product or service? Or have family and friends that use these products/services? Yes? than how might executives strategically incorporate employeeıs knowledge into the management processes that reach beyond department boundaries and traditional mechanisms? What value would be created if all employees had opportunity to contribute revenue sharing ideas to a centralized repository and contained a built-in voting mechanism whereby, the top ranked ideas were presented to the entire C-Suite for further consideration or better, invite the top ranked contributors (as a group) to join the C-Suite for expansion on those ideas. What might be the quality of ideas over time as employees learn from executives about the critical factors around the approval decision-making process? What will executives learn about the overall People Portfolio and the rising talent? What might they learn about their customers or better, future customers? What efficiencies might be gained as collaboration increases? Rather than focus on what one organization can get, perhaps itıs time for a new revenue generating model that optimizes the substantial value found in the power of people, the power of multiples. Judy White, SPHR, GPHR, HCS President, The Infusion Group LLC

Posted by Judy White | April 23, 2010 09:41 am

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