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Headhunters Sniff Change in the Air for Exec Hiring

Rrecruiters show a spike in confidence for the job market over the next few months. But a dramatic improvement may be a lot further down the road.

David McCann, | US
June 4, 2009

Selective executive hiring across China/Asia regions

In the Greater China and Asia Pacific region, the CFO, accounting and finance executive-level market is still slow while most of our clients still see the CFO/finance function imperative to their success. While there are some selective hiring activities, executive hiring team is still sticking with strict hiring freeze mode, will review/wait and see till early 2010/the end of 2009 here. The sentiment has not been that great yet although I believe/hope the market will improve resulting in hiring again. Eunice Ng Avanza Consulting Hong Kong email

Posted by Eunice Ng | June 27, 2009 12:24 am

Boardroom Retirements and Preparation for the Future

As an Executive Search Professional who focuses on placing senior level Finance and Accounting executives, I am seeing companies become more serious about planning for the upcoming retirements of senior staff. Companies who want to remain competitive are meeting with Executive Search firms to plan for the future. They say that they want to develop a pipeline of talent so that they can prevent the risk associated with lack of preparation and/or not having a game plan in place to drive the company to the next level when we come out of the recession. This is positive news for the next generation of key executives, as well as those of us in the executive search profession. Christine Damato, CPC FinAcct Group President (203) 759-5626

Posted by Christine Damato | June 26, 2009 11:35 pm

Slowly but surely activity is picking up

I wouldn't say the executive level market has "come back" at this point; however, executive recruiters appear to have a lot more "activity". Companies are now willing to discuss putting projects back on the table and are now considering bringing back their open positions they closed in droves in Q4. However, there is still a pervasive feeling of "wait and see" as if no one wants to be the first to pull the trigger. However, after a challenging time, I still choose to view this as a positive, with the hope that the market will continue to improve resulting in companies hiring again. David Maxwell GDH Consulting Inc Dallas, TX

Posted by David Maxwell | June 17, 2009 10:53 am

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