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It's a buyer's market for consulting services, but if you don't manage an engagement carefully, you could pay more than you bargained for.

Alix Stuart, CFO Magazine
June 1, 2009

Boutique Consultants

Its interesting that this article closes w/ an assessment of a small firm in comparison to a large one. Since my firm could be considered a "Boutique" I find it interesting that larger companies are always perceived as my experience they are the least safe partner! Larger companies have huge legacy expenses, profit magin requirements, turnover, slower decision making, etc. Smaller companies normally put you face to face w/ the expert and that expert likely has the ability to make recomendations on the spot! Isn't it logical that a boutique is more efficient and safer....its all about the consultant not the bells and whistles. Who is doing your work and what is their background?? Joe

Posted by Joe Cortelli | June 23, 2009 09:36 am

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