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Over 50, Out of Work, Open to Change

More and more finance executives fit that description in these days of recession and downsizing. The best cure: constant effort and a positive outlook.

David McCann, | US
March 24, 2009

Strategic Transitions for Individuals

If you haven't read 'From Downsizing to Recovery" by Moravec, Knowdell, Branstead, you should. The book covers the isssues from the senior CFO down to the employee. Better to be prepared!

Posted by Milan Moravec | March 26, 2009 04:59 pm

Over 50 and Shifting Careers

I'm a 58 year-young executive who has been a CFO (often de facto CEO) of several private and publicly traded companies over a 20 year period. I have been consulting and living your article for the past two years. I was brought into a $600 million manufacturing company when the CFO was on sick leave. When the CFO returned the following week, I thought, great, this was a short gig. But the President asked me to take a look at an environmental remediation project. I put control processes in place, audited prior invoices for inconsistencies, and negotiated with the primary contractor to save the manufacturer $1.4 million (all from the primary contractor). When that project was completed and the primary contractor picked up another big project, they asked me to be their Project Manager (increasing revenue by $2 million and bottom line by $0.8 million). So, for any "old dogs" reading this, open yourself to opportunities outside your prior career focus, old dogs can, indeed, learn new tricks.

Posted by John Henrie | March 25, 2009 12:41 pm

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