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Up and Away

Companies are feeling a little less trapped by spreadsheets these days.

Russ Banham, CFO Magazine
December 1, 2008

Make existing spreadsheets better

This article talks about BI tools and SaaS offerings as an "either/or" option which does not paint a complete picture. There are also technologies which make spreadsheets a "connected" part of the enterprise data flow. Look for spreadsheet-centric solutions which combine the analytical power, what-if capabilities, and flexibility of Excel with the security and data integrity of enterprise applications. With these solutions, companies have the best of both worlds on the desktop and at the enterprise level

Posted by Jb Kuppe | January 29, 2009 06:58 pm

The Root Cause?

Sadly what is described can and does happen in organizations where there are not appropriate training and controls present. However, with appropriate training and controls, most of this can be prevented or even detected. Perhaps many readers would benefit from such an article. Finally, I will gladly concede, that in such a "live spreadsheet" environment, all participants must have solid "hands-on" skills. Best Regards! John John Anderson, CPA, CISA, CITP Financial & IT Business Consultant 14 Tanglewood Road Boxford, MA 01921 978-887-0623 Office 978-837-0092 Cell 978-887-3679 Fax

Posted by John Anderson | December 18, 2008 11:09 pm

Up and Away

Having used spreadsheets for years I consider myself a reasonably proficient user however in most organisations I have worked in we have gradually moved right away from use of spreadsheets - with some thought you can use standard software packages to do the reporting eg I set up Microsoft Great plains to run weekly "accounting periods" and used certain fields to key in key non financial data eg in one case number of pigs killed, Kgs boned cartons packed and hours worked. Then using the reprot writer we wrote our own reports - error rate was zero adn the report was simply a press of the button wee k in week out!!!!!!!!! UNlike a spreadsheet

Posted by Colin Sands | December 16, 2008 06:29 am

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