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The Dollar May Be Up, But Are You?

A stronger greenback is a mixed blessing to U.S. companies with big international operations.

Avital Louria Hahn, CFO Magazine
November 1, 2008

US Dollar Confidence

With the elections behind us and a person chosen to head the US economy many investors are relieved to place their confidence and their trust in the US Dollar. However, it would be premature that this can last a while as the balance of trade deficit and current account deficit would mean that something has to give way. This would also mean that the US Dollar may depreciate in order to encourage American exports. The new US administration should focus on innovation and social entrepreneurship and measure how this can strengthen the US Dollar in the long term and not let the US Dollar fluctuate in the short term due to speculation and short term objectives of investors.

Posted by Jon Tay | November 06, 2008 11:44 am

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