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Amid Controversy, AIG Names a New CFO

An AIG executive since 2000, the new CFO will be overseeing repayment of the bailout funds, and work with the board on new compensation policies.

Stephen Taub, | US
October 17, 2008

Is AIG Hiring?

I wanna quit my job at the post office and work for them, can't beat AIG's financial benefits as well as the government handouts! Where do I sign up?

Posted by Courageous One | October 18, 2008 08:25 pm

It's amazing

It's amazing, that even in the face of losses and bad financial news for the company and the financial sector in particular, there are still executives who do not understand their fiduiary reponsibility to their employees, their stockholders, and to their customers. You don't need a PHD in economics, an MBA or a CPA to understand most of this. You need someone who knows how to handle money (including his or her own money), and has the discipline to exercise control and good judgement when given so much authority and responsiblilty. And there is a lot of responsibility that goes with all that authority. They obviously need more accountability. Doug Shearer

Posted by Douglas Shearer | October 17, 2008 09:53 am

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