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John Edwards, | US
August 26, 2008

Computer-aided spreadsheet risk audit

In response to Seddon, IMHO by far the best computer-aided spreadsheet error and risk audit tool I've come across is The Audinator. Entirely different technology captures spreadsheet errors more comprehensively and with fewer false-positives. I think they offer an extended free trial? Hope that helps! -DJ

Posted by Dave Jacobsen | June 29, 2012 05:58 pm

Not necessarily

Regarding Steve?s comment about spreadsheets being changed. There are solutions such as ComplyXL which ensure that spreadsheets aren?t ?fiddled? with, systems that track what has changed to your spreadsheets (formulas, arrays, hidden cells, white text on white cells etc), so spreadsheets don't need to be viewed as a liability. Spreadsheets are here to stay, however by limiting the liabilities (controlling user access and what actions can be performed, ensuring automated notification is a spreadsheet you are responsible for has changed), organizations can enjoy the flexibility of Excel while minimizing the risk. Regarding free online resources you might be interested in these resources: Workbook statistics, which allows you to report statistics about the set of workbooks contained in folder. This add-in provides a report and includes: A count of the number, text, logical and error constant (manually entered) cells in each sheet; A count of the number, text, logical and error formulas in each sheet; The number of names defined on each sheet and at the workbook level; The number of external references, plus Find Combinations, which allows you to find the combination of values in a specified cell range that total to a user specified total. It uses Excel-style dialog controls so that you can select the range containing the numbers to be tested. Each combination will be matched in turn starting with groups of two numbers, then groups of three numbers up to the maximum you specify. When a combination is found that matches your total, the cells included in the combination will be highlighted in the worksheet. You do have to register, but the addins are free at

Posted by Seddon | September 29, 2008 08:12 am

Digging a deeper SOX hole

Spreadsheets can't be secured. Anybody can fiddle with the formulas. If you are SOX-aware you hear things almost every day that could be a problem.

Posted by Steve Hovland | August 26, 2008 11:13 pm

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