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Aetna's Joseph Zubretsky

Heavy investment in technology goes straight to the company's bottom line, the CFO says. Plus: a pitch for national health insurance.

Lori Calabro, CFO Magazine
July 15, 2008

Social Insurance

From the ages we as members of any group (citizenship) have traded something for security. A very good example is our national security. We trade - give to the government 6 years of our life or as a parant we autorize our government to borrow our sons and daughters both with a risk of death to protect our domain. At to this agreement the tax bill to support national security. I propose the same for social insurance. That at the state level, opperating on a for profit basis, the state would provide health and workers compensation for each worker and family. The "premium" would be both a employee tax for basic with an elective upgrade premium. This would be a payroll deduction. The method of coverage would require paying for the mentally challenge and physically challenge. Fraud prevention would be a major requirement. It all can be performed on a for profit basis.

Posted by Milton Bulloch | July 24, 2008 12:10 pm

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