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What's Wrong with the Kids?

Coping with the newest generation in finance requires tact, patience — and restraint.

David M. Katz, CFO Magazine
February 1, 2008

Good people managers

In my many years of work, I have not come accross many really good people managers; the ones that seemed to care and make an effort to help you give of your best. My approach is to see my team as just passing through my hands; my job to add as much value as possible and help them enjoy their time at work. You may be stunned to hear that my " millenials' are queueing up to join.. Most move on withing 18 month to 2 years so I have put in place robust systems to get them productive quickly and provide them frequently with development feedback to ensure that we encourage the right sort of behaviour. My boss has said we are probably one of the most productive and effective teams in the department.. I have a supportive boss who cares.. So it really isn't that diffcult.. you can always manage things that you know about.. If you are an effective leader.

Posted by Mary Blackwell | May 05, 2008 02:35 am

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