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Top 10 Concerns of CFOs

Worries about consumer spending are weighing on finance chiefs.

Kate O'Sullivan, CFO Magazine
February 1, 2008

The wisdom to know the difference

Take a look at the list again, carefully. There are two distinct categories; one you have no control over and one that you can impact. Don't be oblivious to influences outside of your control, but put more focus on the issues which you can strategically impact. The days of 100% full time work force are over, part ime is here and will continue grow as the preferred environment for the next wave of job seekers. The good news is that will positively affect salary and benefits which combined make them the number one issue. It's time HR be allowed into the C Suite, there's is the key to half your list. If #5 concerns you, take this test...

Posted by Daniel Rickard | February 20, 2008 07:54 pm

What are companies doing about it?

You can see articles in most periodicals discussing challenges companies face with talent acquisition or the skill shortages looming with the "Gray Tsunami" coming down the road. What I do not see is Executives doing much about it. What about the idea of using staffing strategically to help companies control costs, increase productivity and manage risk? HR is being asked to move from a tactical approach to a strategic approach, but how many HR professionals have the skills necessary to do so? Be proactive and get involved with talent intiatives in order to position your company for future success!

Posted by Kurt Rippelmeyer | February 15, 2008 11:43 am

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