The Scourge of Performance Reviews

While the purpose of employee assessments is well founded, in practice they invite mismanagement and should be replaced with different performance-enhancement tools.

Overcoming a Bias Against Risk

Risk-averse midlevel managers making routine investment decisions can shift an entire company's risk profile. An organization-wide stance toward risk can help.

How to Shore Up the "People" Part of Supply-Chain Performance

The success formula includes crystal-clear processes, input from the right people to drive engagement in following those processes, and ongoing learning by doing.

No Dire Straits for Boomers

Readers comment on the aging of the baby boomers, cloud computing, the value of M&A, and other topics of recent stories in CFO.

Training at Dell: Here, There, and Everywhere

The computer giant's financial-education programs rely on a mix of long-distance and local learning.

Investing in Interns Can Produce More Than Interim Benefits

How businesses can use internships – paid and unpaid – to boost short-term productivity and lay a foundation for long-term growth.


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