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Buyer's Guide icon and CFO magazine both strive to offer potent career advice geared specifically to finance professionals. Some of it is scholarly, reflecting the best of what academia offers on the subject. But we pride ourselves also on studying real problems and "street solutions" offered by people in finance.

Some of our articles have proved timeless, providing long-term resources for readers who go back to them over and over when there's a need. In 2007, we expanded our coverage, especially with stories from the nitty gritty world of trying to get ahead in corporate finance.

Here are our most popular career stories for the past year, followed by earlier selections with long-term value.

CFOs Wanted: Controllers Need Not Apply
Why companies often won't consider controllers when choosing their next finance chiefs.

"I Blew It": Biggest Interview Errors
Your résumé has opened the door. But recruiters point to the traps that candidates fall into, and offer tips for making a better impression.
Getting a Résumé Right
Six tips from executive recruiters about how finance executives can catch their eye, and then win them over.
Third Rails for Résumé Writing
Six traps that recruiters warn will make them toss a finance executive's résumé.
Is a Restatement a CFO’s Kiss of Death?
Study by U. of Alabama professors finds a far higher turnover rate among restating finance chiefs than among those who don’t restate. But how much higher?
Wharton's CFO Course Evolves with the Times
The frequent changes to "The CFO: Becoming a Strategic Partner" drawn in large part from student suggestions, track changes in the CFO's role.
So, What if You're Hit by a Bus?
Finance departments aren’t very good at finding CFO successors—and they face very different challenges depending on company size.
Who's Next?
Succession planning should be a critical exercise in finance. Too bad so many companies avoid it.
The Essential Skills
To ascend to (and remain in) the CFO's office, you need much more than financial acumen.
When Controllers Fear a Loss of Control
FEI panel members sound off about what keeps them awake at night.
A Wild Whistle-blower Showdown Is in the Offing
In a much-watched federal appeals case, lawyers for and against fired Cardinal Bankshares CFO David Welch will focus on what's needed to win Sarbox protection — and on why exposing GAAP violations didn't help his cause.
Today's Accounting Crop: The Kids Are Alright
At a variety of companies, a creative meeting of the minds aimed at bridging finance's generation gap seems at hand.
You're Out of a Job, Now What?
Yes, "networking" is an overused buzzword. But when you're between jobs, it's your best bet for snagging a new one.
Lights, Camera, Audits!
The Big Four turn to YouTube and FaceBook to attract a new generation of recruits.
Internal Auditors Changing Gears
Though Sarbanes-Oxley boosted in-house auditors' status and anxiety over the act has waned, they can't get too comfortable. Amid a talent crunch, more is expected of them than ever.
Getting "Fit" for Your Next CFO Job
Tip: If you have 2 years under your belt, stay for 1 more. In the hunt for talent, says finance recruiter Walter Williams, experience with a company similar in "life cycle" is often paramount.
Good Employees Don't Grow on Trees
When it comes to developing a top-flight finance staff, one size does not fit all.
Five Years Out of Work
Five years after being the first to file for whistle-blower protection under Sarbanes-Oxley, former CFO David Welch has lost the family farm and his savings, and still doesn't have a job.
Is It OK to Sleep with Your Controller?
Company policies about office romances vary widely. What's yours?
When Turnover Turns Toxic
Some tips for quantifying the cost of losing key employees and stopping critical departures. A consultancy sees CFOs as central to the process.
The Right Role
Looking for a new job? Here's what to expect.
The Storm over a Corporate Pay Study
Compensation consultants attack The Corporate Library's report on their business. But despite its shortcomings, the report is a first step in looking at the relationship between those firms and the size of executive pay.

Hire Callings
Leaving a finance career doesn't necessarily mean leaving finance.
Pay Up
With finance talent in high demand, companies are boosting compensation — and making some demands of their own.
A Perfect Fit
The demand for finance talent may be soaring, but candidates refuse to settle for just any job.
What Women Want
In finance, the operative words are opportunity, flexibility, and balance.

You're Not CFO Material
Wondering whether you have what it takes? Here are ten signs that you're never going to make it to the big chair.
Best of 2006: Careers
Here's a primer for your next career move, whether that means stepping up to the CEO slot, taking on the finances of a smaller company, or even opening your own restaurant.
Is It OK to Sleep with Your Controller?
Company policies about office romances vary widely. What's yours?

Favorite Questions of Executive Recruiters
Helpful hints for hitting a curveball out of the park.
The Six Cardinal Rules of Résumé Writing
Experts say put a little more vitae into your curriculum vitae.
Accounting for Good People
Surprising as it might seem, the Big Four accountancy firms have lots to teach other companies about managing talented people.

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