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The Pension Protection Act is having a potent impact on the world of 401(k) plans. But so, too, is demographics.

In the first part of CFO magazine's two-month, two-part buyer's guide, "A New Start" examines how some plan providers are jumping at plan elements such as automatic enrollment, escalation, rebalancing, and adjustment of the default options being offered all made easier by the PPA. Such providers as Fidelity Investments and Vanguard are moving quickly in the early months of the act, for example, and so are companies like Federal Express, with 120,000 401(k) participants, says executive vice president and CFO Alan B. Graf Jr.

The second part, "To Rollover, or Not?," examines a phenomenon brought on by post-World War II baby boomers now nearing retirement and notes how some plan sponsors are helping employees consider their options, including staying with their 401(k) plans.

To read the complete results of our survey of 401(k) providers, see the box in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

A New Start
Under the Pension Protection Act, companies play a key role in keeping employee retirement savings on track.
To Rollover, or Not?
Why retirees should think twice before shifting 401(k) assets into an IRA.


Lawmakers: Hedge-Fund Risk Hits Pensions
Big worries are seen in "the commingling of sophisticated and unsophisticated capital."
Operation Match: Richer 401(k) Benefits
Employers have been raising their defined-contribution plan matches to compensate employees for cutbacks in defined-benefit pensions and retiree medical benefits, an expert says.
Companies Sued Over 401(k) Fees
Lockheed Martin, Bechtel Group, Caterpillar, and others are sued by employees who claim that they were unknowingly overcharged by 401(k) plan administrators.
Can 401(k)s Replace Pensions?
Many employees can earn as much retirement income with a 401(k) as they can with a traditional defined-benefit plan, a pro-employer advocate asserts.
401(k) Plans Still Hot
But employers say workers are not prepared for retirement.
Drawing a Bead on Cost
A clearer picture of 401(k) plan fees is helping more plan providers drive down costs.
Sprucing Up the 401(k)
With other retirement vehicles in dire shape, plan sponsors are rethinking their defined-contribution offerings.
Benefits in 2020
The future of health and retirement plans presents big challenges for employers and employees.
Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Build Me a Plan
While simplified investment choices can boost employee participation in a 401(k), nothing meets that goal as well as a robust cash or stock contribution that matches part of what the employee saves.
When Plans Collide
Would corporate retirement plans be threatened by the adoption of Social Security private accounts?
Make It Automatic
To boost retirement savings, future plans may turn every step from enrollment to rollover into a ''default'' choice for employees.
Match Game
Companies are making strategic use of 401(k) matching contributions, but are they toying with their employees' retirement?
The Cost of Loyalty
Even now, employees still invest their 401(k)s in company shares. And they still sue if the stock goes south.
Raiding the Returns
Hidden costs and high fees eat into 401(k) plan benefits.

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