The Trouble with Travel

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For finance executives, travel is the ultimate double whammy. Personally, it's a pain in the neck (thanks in part to those darned laptop bags). And professionally, it's an enormous expense that's often managed at the point of sale by tired, cranky, homesick employees who could care less about SG&A. Here's our look at how finance executives manage travel their own, and everyone else's.

Travel Expenses, Down to Earth
Some thoughts on keeping your global spend from flying off in all directions.

Business Travel to Cost More in 2007
Keeping executives on the road while holding budgets in check will be a challenge in 2007, says a new study.
Booking Trips the Old-fashioned Way
Forget all the travel Web sites. Sometimes what you really need is a real person to book your trip.
Business Travel Goes Private
Alternatives include jet-card programs and charter companies.
Putting More ''E'' in T&E
Toting up travel-and-entertainment expenses is hardly entertaining, but new technology can help.
Airlines Fight to Stay Aloft
United hammers out an agreement with two unions that avoids a crippling strike and clears the way for its parent to emerge from bankruptcy; Delta restructures a loan agreement to improve its cash flow; Northwest relies on more-modest measures.
Travelin' On(line)
As online travel companies mature, they've turned their attention to the corporate market. Low prices are nice, but service counts for more.

No Vacation
Business travel can be grueling, but there are ways to ease the pain.
Flying the Unfriendly Skies
Air travel gives business travelers plenty to complain about.
Jet Blue
Airline officials are contemplating banning more electronic devices from in-flight use. Why is that, exactly?
Go West, Old Man
Jetlag can be fatal if you are flying east—and you are an elderly mouse.
In Case of Emergency
Weather problems and terrorism fears have pressured companies to increase their use of travel-contingency programs.
Wi-Fi in the Sky
A number of airlines have rolled out wireless-fidelity services on select flights.
Ernestine, Meet Julie
Natural language speech recognition is markedly improving voice-activated self-service.

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