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A growing number of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers are turning to product information management (PIM) software to ensure that the entire enterprise employees, customers, and suppliers is working with the same, updated product data. PIM software, which surfaced about three or four years ago, created a new software family that combines the structure and visual quality of print products with the Web's interactivity and immediacy.

It also offers the potential for significant and rapid ROI, observes John Edwards, a regular contributor to CFO, in "Dream Catalog." In addition to this feature article, we've also included a listing of business-intelligence providers and an extensive selection of recommended reading.

Dream Catalog
New software presents a single, up-to-date version of product information.

Guide to BI Providers
Companies that offer business intelligence software and solutions to help guide your BI decisions.

Gauging Success
With dashboards, what you see is only part of what you get.
IT, Compliance, and Performance Management
Companies have adopted ERP applications to automate many of their transactions and business processes. What's missing is a unified, integrated view of performance information that includes and analyzes data from ERP and other applications.
Start with Demand
Demand-driven manufacturing is radically altering how some businesses serve customers.
Getting a Grip on Performance
As performance-management software continues its climb, widespread acceptance may be at hand.
Cutting Through the Clutter
Desktop business systems at last begin to succeed in taming the profusion of Websites, cyberpasswords, and software.
Metaphorically Speaking
What's the use of all that electronic information if you can't get at it?
Making a Market in Knowledge
For companies and their employees alike, knowledge is power -- and profit.
Head Games
Businesses are deploying analytical software to get a better fix on customer behavior.
Spreadsheet Hell
CFOs are interested in the many new technologies being pitched to them, but are they really trapped in spreadsheet hell?
See It Now
New budgeting-and-planning software offers increasingly sophisticated visual aids: dashboards and scorecards.
Applying a Little Business Intelligence
''All things to all companies'' isn't always the way to go. Here's how Staples, Trimac, and Deltek applied business intelligence software exactly where it was needed.
Who Will Audit the Auditors?
When your accounting firm sets up software to help monitor your internal controls, are you implementing solutions -- or risk?
Everything Must Go
Corporate managers often feel boxed in by their own supply chains. Business-intelligence software may open them up to new possibilities.
The Summer of Our Content
Most workers are drowning in documents. But is ''content management'' the answer?
Your Supply Chain Has a Weak Link
A strong SCM system is essential to a strong bottom line. Here are ten signs that some part of your supply chain isn't pulling its weight.
Quantum Loop
''Performance'' is its middle name -- can new software help companies link past, present, and future?

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