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Can companies still afford to be green?

Chief financial officers and their finance teams must make wise use of their companies' time, money, and other resources in response to the growing needs of investors, employees, regulators, government agencies, and other stakeholders. With all that's going on in the world, what is the role of environmental concerns within the corporation? Should that role be different, and if so, how? How do finance executives balance the long-term well-being of the environment and the short-term expectations that corporations face every quarter?

In our special report on Corporations and the Environment, the team helps you get to the root of the issues with feature articles on sustainability reporting, accounting, insurance, ''green buildings,'' and more.

Airing Out ''Mothballed'' Facilities
A proposed accounting standard might have companies looking twice at factories and other buildings that have been temporarily shuttered.
How Green Is My Company?
Sustainability reporting tracks a triple bottom line: economic, environmental, and social.

The Greening of GAAP
Are corporations being forthright about their environmental liabilities?
Turning Point for Pollution Insurance
Even as Sarbanes-related liabilities loom, companies are discovering that environmental coverage can help property deals go down easier.
Greener Buildings, 'Greener' Bottom Line
Toyota, the National Geographic Society, and many other organizations are discovering that environmentally responsible facilities can also deliver financial benefits.
Fertile Ground in Executive Education
When executives hear the word ''environment,'' they tend to think ''burden,'' but one executive-education program hopes to prove that sustainable business is a growth area where they ''can use finance as a tool to add value.''
Technologies That Save You Some 'Green'
Eight technologies that help preserve the environment while preserving your budget: Web conferencing, electronic documents, LCD monitors, thin clients, blade servers, fuel cells, autonomic computing, and grid computing.

Thoughts on ''Being Green''
With all that's going on in the world, what is the role of environmental concerns within the corporation? Should that role be different, and if so, how?

Mold Spreads
Toxic-mold claims are spreading to the workplace, and insurance coverage is pricey -- if you can get it.
Meet Your New Property
When contemplating an acquisition, don't overlook real-estate issues.
Hazards of the Deal
As M&A activity breaks records, successful deals hinge increasingly on insurance against lurking environmental exposure.
The Meter System
Utility computing aims to transform IT into a pay-as-you go service. That sounds far simpler than it is.
Risks of Rogue Technology
People will try all sort of things to wring more productivity from fewer IT dollars, but nonstandardized, ''rogue'' technology has many hidden costs. Here's how not to get stuck with more than you bargained for.
Out with the Old, Somehow
Think buying new computers is complicated? Try getting rid of the old ones.
SEC to Expand Environmental Disclosure
The GAO had asserted that hidden or understated environmental liabilities ''could impair the public's ability to make sound investment decisions.''
Lost in Space
Excess real estate is a growing financial burden. But some companies are creatively filling their vacancies.

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