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For every big-name CFO whose name disgraced the evening news in recent years, many more law-abiding finance folks have sullied their reputations in subtle, usually mundane ways.

Restoring or reviving a professional reputation is the subject of assistant editor Lisa Yoon's feature article, ''Back on Course.'' Whether the professional in question is you or someone you know, the career experts we consulted returned to one theme again and again only you can take the initiative to get your career back on course. After all, should the job market continue to show signs of picking up, you wouldn't want to miss the boat.

Back on Course
Whether your career seems to have gone adrift, or whether you've run afoul of some reputational mishap, here's how you can set your ship in order.

What Goes Around, Comes Around
At New Directions, finance executives who volunteer to teach job-hunting skills have been finding that the benefits are not simply a one-way street.
CPA Ascendant
With accounting savvy more important than ever, is the CPA the new must-have credential for finance execs?
But Can You Teach It?
No form of education is more commercialised than management education. But are business schools teaching the right things?
How to Outsource Yourself to Your Former Employer
Longing to join that crowd of free agents, but don't know where you'd turn to find that crucial first client? Take a look around your office. Tip number 1: Don't be overly grateful to your boss.
Trials of a CFO Whistle-Blower
In many ways, Dave Welch is Exhibit A in the debate over how well the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 can defend conscience-stricken employees.
You're Not CFO Material
Wondering whether you have what it takes? Here are ten signs that you're never going to make it to the big chair.
Talking to the Press
''You don't have to be Mr. Personality,'' but finance executives do need to be comfortable with the media when sharing their company's message.
Are You the CFO Type?
For finance executives, a personality assessment can be very revealing about your preferences -- and about your opportunities for growth.
Building Your ''Kitchen Cabinet''
Here's how to develop your own circle of trusted advisors while avoiding conflicts of interest.
Fly out of That Pigeonhole
Don't stay cooped up in finance. Take a broader view of your company and you'll have a better opportunity to broaden your career as well.
A Fine Balance
CPAs are back in vogue, but don't forget the MBA. Skills and experience in both accounting and finance are best for a full career.
Negotiating Effectively When You Feel Outgunned
Executives often feel overwhelmed by an employer's perceived power during job-offer negotiations. But by stressing the long-term benefits of the marriage over the wedding, you can maintain parity and keep the interaction positive.
Body-Language Tactics That Sway Interviewers
Posture, eye contact, and other nonverbal communication can speak volumes about your feelings and attitudes. Here's how to impress hiring managers with mannerisms that project confidence and enthusiasm.
Executive Charisma: Can It Be Learned?
Ask for adjectives describing a finance chief, and ''charismatic'' doesn't normally leap to mind.
How to Run a Company Well
Ten commandments for successful leaders.
Are Your Interview Skills in Tune with the Times?
Guidelines to help you prepare for a major shift in the interviewing process.
How Following Orders Can Harm Your Career
Asked by her bosses to make false accounting entries, a midlevel accountant balked, then caved. Her solid career took a sudden turn in a very sorry direction.
Favorite Questions of Executive Recruiters
Helpful hints for hitting a curveball out of the park.
Roads Less Traveled: Nontraditional CFOs
In a time of increased regulation, can CFO candidates with no previous finance-department experience be successful?
The Six Cardinal Rules of Résumé Writing
Experts say put a little more vitae into your curriculum vitae.

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