CFOs: The New Patsies?

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Are finance chiefs the fall guys of the economic downturn? Although blame for the recent batch of finance and accounting mishaps has been widely spread among senior management -- not to mention outside auditors -- finance chiefs do seem to be getting more than their fair share of criticism.

The taint of being associated with a failing company represents a considerable career risk for a CFO. The issue for finance chiefs: how to manage the peril.

In ''To Pursue Other Interests,'' assistant managing editor David M. Katz looks at whether finance chiefs are taking the blame for a busted economy. In ''Power Bases,'' battle-scarred CFOs talk about managing risk when an employer starts heading south.

''To Pursue Other Interests''
Increasingly, CFOs seem to be taking the rap for poor corporate performance.
Power Bases
A CFO needs to be made of stern stuff to take on a CEO bent on aggressive revenue reporting.


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