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Are any of the Group B accounting firms in position to challenge the Big 4?

As contributing editor Ed Zwirn reveals in his article ''The Second Six: Ready to Step Up?'', the demise of Andersen and the advent of Sarbanes-Oxley have not been an unqualified blessing for those firms that remain. And in ''Same Straw, Smaller Back,'' Zwirn notes how new regulatory burdens that fall heavily on smaller companies (the usual Group B clients) may persuade many of them to go private.

More articles about accounting, and about careers in finance, are described below.

The Second Six: Ready to Step Up?
The largest of the Group B accounting firms are facing new challenges and enjoying new opportunities.
Same Straw, Smaller Back
New regulatory burdens fall heavily on small public companies. One way to lighten the load: Go private.


A Good Year for Outsiders
Plan A for Group B accountancies? In the year of the corporate scandal, pick off as much business as possible from Big Four firms.
Coming: Auditor Cataclysm?
Industry watchers are predicting a massive shake-out in the accounting business over the next few years. This may not be great news for CFOs.
Sussing Out the Second Six
Among the Group B accounting firms, six lead the pack. Will any make the Final Four?
The Never-Ending Audit
Can software prevent future Enrons?
Audit Fees on the Rise
It's no surprise that audit bills have gotten a whole lot bigger.
Your Finance Department Is Second-Rate
Not certain how your finance department stacks up? Here are ten markers of mediocrity.
No More Mr. Nice Guy
A CFO survey suggests that recently passed rules for auditors may be a wise idea.
The Fear of All Sums
To restore investor trust, many companies are disclosing more information, according to a CFO survey. But it may not be enough.
Big Five Get Low Grades for Performance
Survey shows that auditors mostly fail to uncover bookkeeping irregularities, and often fail to warn about clients headed for Chapter 11.
There's a Monster in Finance
Internal auditors look to declare their independence from CFOs. This may not be a good thing for finance chiefs.
The View from the Inside
WorldCom internal auditor Glyn Smith thinks finance and operations executives shouldn't be the overseers of internal auditors.
Auditors Get a Near-Failing Grade, Say Clients
Survey reveals rating for auditors lags far behind marks for other service providers. Corporate clients say value, not values, the problem.
Tools of the Trade: Auditing Audit Software
Recent corporate meltdowns are putting internal auditors under greater pressure. Will the latest auditing software ease their pain?

After Andersen: Surviving the Demise
Former Andersen employees are finding sympathy, employment.
Return of the Bean Counters
With a welter of new reporting requirements coming, controller skills are suddenly a hot commodity.
A CFO Blacklist?
Are some sell-side analysts circulating a list of companies whose CFOs have close ties to the big accounting firms?
When Accountants Switch Sides
Is it time for the SEC to prohibit corporations from offering jobs to their external auditors?

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