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Is it time to renegotiate your outsourcing agreements?

''Pay as you go'' may not replace the ''one size fits all'' outsourcing model for several years. But even if it's not time to buy your IT infrastructure services the same way you buy your heat or electricity, you should be shopping hard, negotiating hard, and benchmarking the terms of your agreements.

Alix Nyberg's feature ''Will Outsourcing Still Fly?'' examines how your renegotiations may be affected in light of the current morass at outsourcing giant EDS. Her sidebar ''Hardware Down, Humans Up'' notes that while some key drivers of IT outsourcing costs are becoming less expensive, that's not true of the people behind them.

More articles about outsourcing IT, and about ROI in general, are described below.

Will Outsourcing Still Fly?
EDS's financial troubles have raised questions about outsourcing deals, but the answers are mostly upbeat.
Hardware Down, Humans Up
Some key drivers of IT outsourcing costs are becoming less expensive, but that's not true of the people behind them.


Outsourcing Software Management
Most ASPs have shifted from renting software to managing it, so their clients can focus on the bottom line.
Outsourcing: Where's the Big Deal?
Increasingly, outsourcing clients are parsing out smaller tech assignments -- and keeping the jobs short.
Outsourcing: Should It Stay Or Should It Go?
Companies are finding a host of reasons to offload bits of their E-business operations.
Outsourcing: Talent on Tap
Outsourcing IT can provide real benefits -- if you avoid traps like reduced access to key data, vendor inflexibility toward changing business needs, poor communications, internal resistance, and outsourcer price wars that undermine service.
The Virtues of Virtual
Internet connectivity continues to bring forth options for outsourcing.
To Outsource or Not to Outsource
Four critical factors to consider before deciding whether to outsource a project.
Outsourcing's Marriage Counselor
More and more companies are hiring a new kind of chief to keep an outsourcing relationship in harmony.
Small World
In the wake of Y2K, U.S. companies are outsourcing even more technology tasks overseas.
How You Slice It
There are new ways to divvy up the outsourcing pie, and new players are lining up for a piece.

Phone Bill Outsourcing: Call Forwarding
Why paying someone else to pay your phone bills may make sense.
One with Everything
The enlightened approach to HR administration? Get it out of house -- but keep it under one roof.
Handing Off Finance
Small and midsize companies finally benefit from finance process outsourcing.
When the Books Go Outside
Outsourcing the accounting function is growing rapidly, but there's a risk in turning over your crown jewels to strangers.
Latest Downsizing Victim? Corporate Treasuries
More and more companies are outsourcing more and more of their treasury departments. Where will it end?
Watching and Waiting
The Internet was going to transform corporate treasury operations. So what happened?
Everything Must Go: Business Process Outsourcing
Eager to focus on the things they do best, companies have turned to business process outsourcers for virtually everything else.

Vive le ROI
The quest to pin down ROI on technology is turning into an industry in itself -- and sending CFOs back to basics.
ROI: Results Often Immeasurable?
Despite a torrent of interest in ROI calculations, truly workable solutions are just beginning to emerge.
Keep IT Simple, Stupid
As new software and IT services increase in complexity, the need for a unifying strategy is more important than ever.
ROI: The Age of Reason
Companies have been letting IT investments spiral out of control. But CFOs are fighting back.
IT Spending: Same Budget, Different Day
Companies are focused on making better use of the resources they already have.
All Hail the ROI
Technology sales now hinge less on features and functions -- and more on finance.
Judging Tech? It Ain't Easy
Measuring the ROI on tech projects is tough enough. Now some companies are looking to evaluate the performance of their IT employees.
Technology: Ten Smart Moves
Now might be the time for some prudent IT investments. These offerings are worth a closer look.
What CFOs Really Think about Technology
Real-time analytics remain at the top of the technology list for finance chiefs. They're also spending more time in the tech department than ever -- and bringing their yardsticks with them.
The Ten Most Intriguing Technologies for 2002
IT budgets may be tight, but as CFO Europe reports, finance chiefs can't afford to ignore these ten tech innovations.
What's Your IT IQ?
CFOs who don't understand technology may want to consider another career.
ROI: Mad to Measure
Calculating the return on E-business investments isn't easy, but that doesn't stop companies from trying.

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