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Many companies have made significant investments in customer-relationship-management technologies, but there is a growing sense that much of this investment has been misguided or even wasted. Most finance executives agree that their companies need to continue to invest in these technologies, but they are insisting on a disciplined approach to evaluate investment options and to measure these initiatives as they proceed.

''Customer segmentation'' is one approach that is paying off. In our feature story, "CRM, As You Like It," contributing editor Russ Banham examines how the financial-services industry is leading the way in identifying distinct segments of more-valuable and less-valuable customers, then assigning the appropriate resources to each, to build revenue and lower expenses. One credit union grew so quickly that it re-chartered as a community bank, reflecting its greatly expanded customer base. Another bank is spending much more time advising (and cross-selling) high-end customers, yet it's keeping headcount low by steering other customers toward its Web-based service system.

You'll also find an extensive guide to CRM providers; a Web directory of associations, consultants, and other useful tools and resources; an interactive quiz that asks you, "Where's the ROI?"; and a selection of recommended reading from the library of articles on CRM.

CRM, As You Like It
Customer segmentation software helps companies build their business by identifying valuable customers so they can assign the appropriate resources.
Guide to CRM Providers
Search our interactive tables for the customer relationship management software that best suits your company.
CRM Quiz: Where's the ROI?
Most finance executives are planning further investments in customer-centric technologies, but how do they plan to measure the results?


Directory of CRM Resources
Professional associations, consultants, and further tools and resources to help shape your CRM decisions.

Your Supply Chain Has a Weak Link
A strong SCM system is essential to a strong bottom line. Here are ten signs that some part of your supply chain isn't pulling its weight.
CRM: Once More, Without Reeling
Customer relationship management has stumbled, but the next round of products may produce better results.
CRM Rollouts: Mulligans Required
The key to successfully implementing CRM software? Often, doing it again.
Always-On People
A big part of running a real-time enterprise will be managing relationships.
A Good Idea Gone Bad
The dirty little secret of customer relationship management projects: bad data.
Lifetime Customer Value
New business is great, but generally it's a lot cheaper to hold on to existing customers.
Walking Through the Maze
Considering where to deploy CRM software? Look for the ''pain points.''
Customers on Parade
CRM software may be a hot topic with vendors and consultants. But are these applications worth the expense?
The Customers Always Write
Although E-mail promises to save money and boost revenues, most companies are struggling to meet expectations.
Web Metrics
A handful of leading CFOs are breaking away from the pack with a new generation of performance measures for their online operations.
In Your Face
As companies turn to CRM software to provide a better view of their customers, decisions about technology integration become paramount.
Panning for Internet Gold
E-businesses are analyzing the data streams flowing through Web sites.
So Happy Together
The hottest mantra in corporate computing is customer relationship management.

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