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The purpose of 401(k) accounts is to prepare for later life, but the headaches they can cause, both for companies and their workers, can be all too real in the here and now. In the first part of CFO magazine's two-month, two-part buyer's guide, "The Loan Danger" examines the weighty logistical troubles often triggered when employees borrow from their retirement accounts. In the second half of the package, "Courting Disaster" spells out the chilling trend of employees suing employers over fees paid to 401(k) providers and Congress's growing interest in the same.

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The Loan Danger
Borrowing from 401(k) accounts can be a bad deal all around.
Courting Disaster
Confusion over 401(k) plan fees is triggering lawsuits and congressional inquiries. What can plan sponsors do to head off trouble?


The New Mix
With so much riding on 401(k)s, more and more companies are reconsidering their plan offerings.
Exit Strategies
How companies can help retiring employees transition from savers to consumers.
Rules Finalized for Automatic 401(k)s
The Labor Department specifies what kinds of investments companies can make for employees under new automatic-enrollment plans.
DoL Wants "Hidden" 401(k) Fees Revealed
A proposed rule would mandate strict new disclosure requirements for benefit-plan service providers about their compensation and conflicts of interest.
Employees Raiding 401(k)s, CFOs Say
The economic slump will cut into employee bonuses, new survey results show, even as many workers are already taking hardship withdrawals from their retirement funds.
Formula 401(k) for Education?
IBM plans to launch employee-funded, company-matched learning accounts and is pushing the government to provide a tax break for contributions.
A New Start
Under the Pension Protection Act, companies play a key role in keeping employee retirement savings on track.
To Rollover, or Not?
Why retirees should think twice before shifting 401(k) assets into an IRA.

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