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It's a big mistake to assume that headhunters are mere employment agents who serve their clients in a perfunctory manner, collecting résumés and passing them on. It is just as important to impress them as it is the actual employers, because of the simple fact that if you don't ace that first interview with the recruiter, you won't get a second with the employer. Paying attention to how recruiters work, how to find them, and the kinds of questions they ask will make your job-hunting prospects considerably brighter.

What You Don't Know about Headhunters: 10 Tips
Understanding what makes recruiters tick is a vital but often overlooked component of the job hunt. In a shaky economy, it may be more crucial than ever.

How to Hunt for a Headhunter
Experts and finance chiefs supply tips about paying recruiters, retaining them, and choosing between the boutiques and the big names.
Favorite Questions of Executive Recruiters
Helpful hints for hitting a curveball out of the park.
More Questions from Finance Recruiters
One recruiter refers to his interview notes later, when checking references, to "see how big the delta is" between the candidate's self-appraisal and the word on the Street.
Advice from Carly Fiorina's Headhunter
A recruiter who helped bring Hewlett-Packard's ex-CEO on board thinks leadership skills are more important than an executive's compatibility with a company's culture.
How to Get Noticed by Headhunters
For starters, avoid the full-court press.
You're Getting Jobbed by Your Search Firm
Employees have grown increasingly dependent on search firms to fill managerial posts. But not all search firms are up to the task.
Recruiters Are People, Too
Building a long-term relationship with an executive search firm can pay big dividends. Just don't tick them off.

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