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Do you accept articles for publication?
No. All articles in CFO magazine or on are written by our editorial staff, or by regular contributors. White papers of interest to our readers may be posted free of charge in our white paper library. Propose a white paper.
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Can you help me with my research?
Unfortunately, no. We encourage you to use our Google-powered search, which gives you access to all of our published material and allows you to search in a variety of ways.
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Do you publish letters to the editor?

Yes. Please note that CFO magazine only publishes letters in response to articles published in the print edition of the magazine (if you are online and the byline says "CFO magazine" next to the author's name, then the article was published in the magazine) Submit a letter to the editor

Readers are also welcome to post comments to any article appearing online. Comments posted to articles originally appearing in the magazine may be reprinted in the magazine.

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I posted a comment, but it no longer appears. What happened?
CFO reviews all comments and reserves the right to remove any comment. We remove comments that are obscene, in poor taste, are off-topic, or are blatantly commercial in nature.
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Can I link my website to
Yes. To link to a specific article, click "share" in the toolbox to the right of the first paragraph of the article, and select "permalink."
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How can I request reprints of articles or permission to reprint articles?
To request a reprint of a specific article, click "reprints" in the toolbox to the right of the first paragraph of the article. For other reprint requests or permission requests, view our reprint options.
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Where can I find your editorial calendar? publishes daily and does not have an editorial calendar. A calendar of major features appearing in CFO magazine is available for download from the CFO Media Kit.
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Where can I send press releases?
Complete the CFO Editorial feedback form to send a press release to the editors.
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How can I contact the editors?

Email the editor of
Email the editor of CFO magazine

You also may contact the author of any article by clicking on their byline.

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Email CFO Editorial
If you have additional questions or feedback, you may contact us through the CFO Editorial feedback form.