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Business-Performance Management Software
Market leaders in BPM software, as identified by research firm Meta Group.

Headquarters Norwalk, Connecticut
Revenue Privately held
Date Founded 1990
Product Name(s) The Cartesis Suite
Platform(s) Web, Windows, and Citrix, OpenDB support for SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2
Modular Features Cartesis Magnitude, Cartesis Magnitude Planning, and more
Key Features Single integrated data model; industry-leading multidimensionality, Web-based open architecture; robust workflow and controls; unique audit and trace reports
Key Markets Large enterprises
Key Vertical Industries All industry segments, including telecommunications, financial services, industrial, health care, and consumer products
Key Partners/Alliances Resources Connection, Capgemini Ernst & Young, and BearingPoint
Key Differentiator(s) Core BPM function in single integrated data model, industry-leading mutidimensionality, open architecture, robust workflow and controls, unique audit and trace reports, full auditability from source to disclosure
Typical Price From $150,000 to an average of $350,000
Other Forward-leading support for XBRL, Sarbanes-Oxley and broader compliance reporting

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