Capital Markets

Banks Behaving Badly

Scandals have tarnished the reputation of banks to the point where some experts are calling their viability into question.

Budget Busters

It takes a lot of hard work to dismantle the budgeting process.

Repos Come Under Fire

Structured-finance repo collateral may create significant liquidity risks.

Start Spreading the News

How can a company tell a compelling story about its stock to the right analysts and investors?

Warming Signs?

The freeze in small-business financing may be starting to thaw, as bank loans pick up and equity options proliferate.

Let's Stand By the Dividend: Treasurer

If the Bush Tax Cuts expire, will it hurt the share price of a company that pays a large, regular dividend? In another edition of the Treasurer's Inbox, a treasurer explains to a CFO why there's no need to worry.

Money Market Reform Fight Not Over Yet

Despite a setback at the SEC, U.S. regulators are still committed to imposing more regulation on a popular holding place for corporate cash.


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Stripping M&A of Emotion and Intuition

With finite capital to invest, acquirers need a fact-based decision-making process. Here are three lenses through which Thomson Reuters filters potential targets.


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Crisis in Europe

A near-term disorderly default by Greece may have been averted, but CFOs are still wary. Are you curbing your eurozone-related risks? Click here for articles, blogs, and breaking news.