MF Global Finds Its Phantom Reporting Error

The mystery surrounding an accounting glitch in the securities broker's final days is finally solved. Or is it?

MF Global Finance Execs Knew of Risks to Customer Money

Three months before the firm's collapase, a CFO warned about funding liquidity needs with customer-segregated accounts, according to a bankruptcy trustee's report.

A Buyout Fixes a Highly Leveraged Company

Software vendor Infor finds an unconventional way to lighten its crushing debt load.

Reining In Buyout Loans

Federal regulators aim for more stress-testing of loan portfolios and better-defined standards on a borrower's ability to repay.

Why Not Zero Leverage?

Some large, publicly held companies have no-debt policies. Is that really so puzzling?

MF Global's Inscrutable Accounting Error

The securities dealer's finance department and its regulators were busy looking for a mysterious reporting glitch during the company's final days – one they never found.

The Final Week of MF Global

Here's what happened in the seven days leading up to one of the largest bankruptcies in U.S. history, according to four executives of the securities dealer who testified this week before Congress.


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