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  • Broadband Exec: Skilling a Hands-on CEO

    A partnership set up by CFO Andrew Fastow ''looked goofy,'' testifies Kenneth Rice, the former chief executive officer of Enron Broadband Services. February 14, 2006

  • Enron Defense Points Finger at Fastow

    Jurors also hear an audiotape in which Kenneth Lay asserts, ''Andy has been doing an outstanding job as CFO.'' February 13, 2006

  • Enron Government Witness Gets Mad

    Skilling's lawyer touches off a tirade about past crimes by the company's former head of investor relations. February 9, 2006

  • Enron Defense Goes to the Videotape

    ''It's just difficult for us to show people how money flows through, particularly the wholesale business,'' Jeffrey Skilling told employees in early 2001. But since Enron's businesses were growing, he added, ''that's a good black box.'' February 8, 2006

  • Defense Keeps Pressure on Enron's Koenig

    Management can sometimes go back and ''sharpen its pencil'' to make adjustments, suggests Daniel Petrocelli; ''it's wrong,'' counters Enron's former head of investor relations. February 7, 2006

  • Enron's Koenig under Cross-examination

    Previously, during questioning by prosecutors, the former head of investor relations describes the difference between the information available to Jeffrey Skilling and Kenneth Lay and the information served up to investors. February 6, 2006

  • Enron Settles with Lehman

    Energy company is pursuing similar claims against Bear Stearns, Credit Suisse, and UBS. February 3, 2006

  • Former Enron IR Exec Details More Fraud

    Ex-official testifies that losses were hidden from investors and analysts. Skilling's lawyer maintains that his client did not know about the problems at the time. February 2, 2006

  • Former Enron IR Exec: Earnings Fudged

    Mark Koenig also testifies that Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling tried to exclude an analyst who asked especially critical and challenging questions before the company's problem's were widely known. February 1, 2006

  • At Enron Trial: Let the Charges Begin

    Fierce opening statements set the stage for unrestrained blame game. January 31, 2006

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