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  • Did Enron Broadband Jurors Swap Votes?

    ''This whole process started because a juror reached out and contacted us and said that 'You need to know that this process wasn't fair','' maintains an attorney for convicted Enron Broadband executive Kevin Howard. June 13, 2006

  • Nigerian Barge Convicts Out on Appeal

    Former Merrill Lynch investment bankers Daniel Bayly and Robert Furst are two of six individuals convicted in 2004 for their roles in the alleged fraud orchestrated by former Enron chief financial officer Andrew Fastow. June 8, 2006

  • Split Verdict in Enron Broadband Retrial

    Two former finance executives faced the jury on Wednesday; one was acquitted. May 31, 2006

  • Lay, Skilling Guilty

    A Houston jury Thursday found former Enron executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling guilty of multiple counts of securities fraud, conspiracy, and other charges. May 25, 2006

  • Lay-Skilling Case Goes to Jury

    ''They lied,'' says prosecutor Sean Berkowitz, who has the last word before deliberations begin. ''It's not business as usual. Don't let them fool you.'' May 17, 2006

  • Enron Defense Closes Defiantly

    Skilling attorney Daniel Petrocelli goes so far as to assert that a number of the prosecution's witnesses were ''robbed of their free will.'' May 16, 2006

  • Prosecutor: Enron Execs "Chose to Lie"

    In closing arguments, the Enron prosecutor charged that Lay and Skilling used "fiction, hocus-pocus, trickery" rather than choosing to "come clean." May 15, 2006

  • Enron Defense Rests

    Closing arguments scheduled for May 15. May 8, 2006

  • Accounting Expert Endorses Enron Moves

    Enron's decision to shift business units was not, as prosecutors said, an attempt to hide losses, but a practice that "happens all the time," says a defense witness. May 4, 2006

  • Accounting Experts Back Enron's Numbers

    Enron's losses, reserves, resegmentation were properly accounted for, say two defense witnesses. May 3, 2006

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