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  • AA's Top Ten Clients

    The breakdown on who uses Andersen -- and who's dumped them. March 11, 2002

  • Don't Shred on Me: Justice Department to Charge Andersen

    Report says government will charge auditor with obstruction of justice for shredding Enron-related documents. Plus: Coke takes $1 billion impairment charge, and Bush unveils plan to crack down on accounting fraud. March 8, 2002

  • Blackout Blackout: Mellon Revises Company 401(k)

    Reacting to Enron outcry, financial services giant lifts curbs on investing matching shares, eliminates blackout period. March 7, 2002

  • Partnership Liability: Enron's Domino Effect

    Limited partners in the special-purpose entities may have liability to both Enron and Enron shareholders, lawyer asserts. March 1, 2002

  • Membership Has No Privileges

    In the wake of the Enron scandal, shareholders are tightening the screws on audit committees. Now all they have to do is find executives who are willing to serve on the things. February 28, 2002

  • Report: AA Offering Enron Plaintiffs $750 Million

    Accounting firm reportedly wants to settle before proxy season begins in earnest. Why is that? Also: FASB set to deliver new SPE rules--but don't hold your breath. Plus: Volcker's dream team. February 28, 2002

  • Grilling Skilling, Take Two

    Former Enron CEO says he didn't dupe anyone; also says he can't recall $5 million bonus. Plus: Who's firing Andersen now, and how did the auditor get tangled up in an apparent Ponzi scheme? February 27, 2002

  • Andersen: Staying Alive?

    Auditor working on a settlement with Enron. Money would likely go to trading company's creditors, however. Plus: Another defense IPO, and which consultancy got dumped by Kmart? February 25, 2002

  • Houston, We Have a Logo

    You can learn a lot from a coffee mug. February 24, 2002

  • Enron's D&O Insurers Get Wanderlust

    Two directors and officers liability carriers claim company misled them. February 21, 2002

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