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  • Off-Balance-Sheet Deals: C'est la Vie?

    In the eyes of the investing public, off-balance-sheet financing has fallen into disgrace. Will it deserve another look after the SEC and FASB have their say? January 1, 2003

  • After Andersen: Surviving the Demise

    Former Andersen employees are finding sympathy, employment. January 1, 2003

  • Credit Watch

    S&P's Leo O'Neill to SEC: We are not the watchdogs. January 1, 2003

  • Report: Feds Probing Former Enron Treasurer

    Glisan said to be under investigation. Plus: stiff jail time for corporate crime, lots of jumbo shelves, and blue light special hits the pink sheets. December 30, 2002

  • Ex-Enron Execs, Banks Can Be Sued, Says Judge

    Judge rules that shareholders can sue former Enron managers; company's bankers liable as well. Plus: TeamStaff axes outside auditor; Xerox numbers still not right. December 23, 2002

  • All in the Family

    Report says Lea Fastow may be charged for role in Enron's off-balance-sheet deals. Plus: SEC formalizes Halliburton probe, GAO blames Herdman--not Pitt--for Webster fiasco, and drug-benefit plans going up 15 percent. December 20, 2002

  • Hopkins to Join Citigroup

    Former CFO of Boeing signs on with Citigroup; also spent stormy year at Lucent. Plus: Tyco director agrees to give back CIT finders fee, former Enron treasurer to repay gains, ex-Andersen counsel may be in trouble, and Bush caught in the act with Enron. December 18, 2002

  • Fire at Former House of Fastow

    Arson suspected; indicted former Enron CFO used house as collateral for bail bond. Plus: Two recent CFO polls offer two views of the economy. Can both be right? And: NUI, First Investors to restate. December 3, 2002

  • WorldCom Halfway Home

    Federal judge okays partial settlement in troubled telco's fraud case; fine could be record. Plus: Former Enron finance exec pleads guilty, FASB issues new interpretation, and SEC says auditor of Golden Bear Golf used hand wedge. November 27, 2002

  • I Did Nothing Wrong, Says Fastow

    Ex-Enron CFO pleads not guilty to all 78 charges in indictment; says his actions were approved by senior management. Elsewhere: Who will replace Pitt, why did Adelphia sue D&T, and is REIT accounting wrong? November 7, 2002

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