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  • Two Trials for Kenneth Lay

    The former chairman of Enron Corp. had asked to be tried separately from his onetime CEO and the company's former top accountant. The judge, by granting about half the request, may have put Lay in an even more precarious position. October 21, 2004

  • Guilty Plea for Another Ex-Enron Exec

    Former assistant treasurer Timothy Despain admitted that he and his superiors engaged in conduct intended to fraudulently manipulate the energy company's credit rating. October 7, 2004

  • Default Swap Faults

    A dispute in the Enron bankruptcy case highlights troubling questions about credit default insurance. October 7, 2004

  • Another Enron CFO Departs

    An associate director for the restructuring company that has managed Enron will serve as interim chief financial officer. October 5, 2004

  • Lehman Nears Settlement of Enron Suit

    Involvement of investment bank is reportedly limited to its underwriting of at least three debt issues of the infamous energy company. September 27, 2004

  • First Enron Criminal Trial Begins Today

    Four former Merrill Lynch executives and two former Enron employees face charges involving a $12 million sale of three electricity-generating barges off the coast of Nigeria in 1999. September 20, 2004

  • Enron Funds Pensions via Pipeline Sale

    The arrangement doesn't affect the 401(k) and stock option plans that make up the bulk of the bankrupt company's retirement plans. September 15, 2004

  • Enron Official Offers Plea

    Telecom executive agrees to cooperate with federal investigators. September 2, 2004

  • Guilty Plea for Ex-Enron IR Chief

    Mark Koenig admits he knew that a reorganization of a retail energy unit ''was done largely to conceal'' large losses at the division. August 27, 2004

  • Citigroup Sued over Enron-Linked Notes

    So-called Yosemite securities were tied to the creditworthiness of the ill-starred energy company. August 27, 2004

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